Code Description Unit Price ฿ Catalog
Weatherproofing Kit Universal Weatherproofing Kit/Cold Shrink Weatherproofing Kit - Call

Surge Arrestor(Gas Tube) - Call

Surge Arrestor( /4 wave) - Call

Single Hanger Clamp Set - Call

Hoisting Grip - Call

Grounding Kit Easy install grounding kit - Call

Grounding Kit Clip-on Type - Call

Generic Locking Coax Blocks Single and Multi-Stack Version For Round or Flat Members - Call

Entry Port System 4°» (102mm) Feed-thru Entry Panel - Call

Dummy Load - Call

Double Hanger Clamp Set - Call

DC STOP 800~2170MHz BLK-0822-DMDF - Call

Cushion and Boot 4°» (102mm) Boot Assembly Kit - Call

Cable Cutting Tool - Call

Attenuator ATT-XdB-002-NMNF / ATT-XdB-002-DMDF - Call

Adaptors - Call